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Wristbands For Special Days

By customizing and wearing wristbands with your wish messages, logos, anyone can easily promote their special days in a highly attractive way. Here are some ideas:

For Mother’s Day


Moms are hard people to shop for! With customized Mother's Day Wristbands, you can create a fun and unique Mother's Day gift. Here are just a few ideas for your Mother's Day wristbands:

  • Design a special Mother's Day bracelet for all the generations of mothers in your family.
  • Create a "First Mother’s Day" wristband with this year's date for new moms or expectant moms.
  • Choose your mom's favorite colors, or combination of colors, for her personalized Mother's Day bands.
  • Add special effects, such as sparkly glitter.
  • Use special artwork such as children’s astrological signs, to represent the mom’s children and grandchildren.
  • Instead of standard size bracelets, choose trendy thin wristbands, popular 1" wide wristbands, or unique snap bands for your Mother’s Day wristbands.
  • Create a custom silicone keychain for a personalized Mother’s Day gift. Or, use a personalized USB bands to give you mom a collection of photos from over the years.

For Graduation Day

Graduation is a time when friends are moving on, leaving their experience as a group within a school behind them. Custom-made Wristbands can be a fun way for graduates to commemorate their years together as well as the day of their graduation ceremony.

Here are a few ideas on how to use graduation wristbands:

  • Produce custom wristbands using your school’s colors and even logo.
  • Create a special designed message for your graduation bracelets, such as “Wildcats Class of 2013” or “Watch Out World, Here We Come!”
  • Use different colors or special effects to recognize certain students, such as honor roll students, star athletes, or students joining the military after graduation.
  • If the class has an inspirations slogan, such as “Reach for the Stars” or “If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It”, print it on.
  • Graduation bands aren’t just for high school graduates. They also work great to build excitement and commemoration for middle school graduations, elementary graduations, and kindergarten graduations.
  • For college graduations, wristbands can be used to designate particular sororities, fraternities, or other groups.

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