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Wristbands For Halloween

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st, and whether you dress up in a scary costume or just stay home and hand out candy, it’s a fun night for kids and adults of all ages. With better health initiatives for kids gaining in popularity, many people look for alternatives to candy as a giveaway to trick-or-treaters. Halloween wristbands are the perfect solution, and are great for school parties too!

Halloween Wristbands For Kids

Halloween Wristbands
  • Create orange or black custom wristbands with the words “Boo!”, “Trick or Treat”, or “Happy Halloween” on them.
  • Boys and girls alike will enjoy wearing custom Halloween wristbands with their costumes.
  • Custom silicone wristbands are a great alternative to candy for Halloween giveaways.
  • Slap bands, adjustable bands, silicone rings, and silicone keychains are also popular for Halloween and can be customized with a special Halloween graphic or message.
  • Segmented color wristbands allow you to have both the traditional colors of orange and black on your Halloween wristband.
  • Glow-in-the-dark wristbands are perfect for kids trick-or-treating on Halloween night.

Fun Ways To Customize Your Halloween Bracelets

  • Add a fun message to your bracelets.
  • Use a color combination, such as segmented or swirled colors
  • Add glitter to your bracelets.
  • Add a glow-in-the-dark effect to your silicone bracelets – perfect for Halloween night!
  • Instead of standard bracelets, order slap bands that snap to your wrist and fit snugly in place.
  • Order thin quarter-inch bracelets or thick one-inch bracelets to really make your Halloween bracelets stand out.
  • Add custom artwork, or select clipart from our extensive library.

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